Scottish Foods and Festivals

With food being such an important part of the Scottish culture it would stand to reason that there would be many different types of festivals concerning it. If you are taking a vacation here then be sure to check out if there any of these events taking place during this time.

Specialty Food Show

In 2017 this food show ran in January for 3 days. It seems to be a most popular affair that brings over 140 exhibitors together to showcase their food offerings. The speciality foods is the focus and includes delicatessens and farm shops. It gives visitors a chance to purchase and sample foods.

Fife Food Fest

This is an annual food festival that takes place every year in St. Andrews. It is a big attraction for food lovers and showcases some of Scotland’s finest foodfare.

Scottish Culinary Championships

Every Scott loves a challenge and when it comes to food there are plenty of cook offs to determine who is the latest food champion. The Scottish Culinary Championship allow those who believe they could be deemed as a food champion to prove it. This is an event that goes back more than forty years.

Scottish Vegan Festival

One may think that the food offerings in Scotland are all meat based, but this is far from the truth. There are a lot of Scottish Vegans. To promote their food choices a Scottish Vegan Festival is the perfect platform that allows for this. This festival is organized by the Farplace Animal Rescue.

These are just a few of the many festivals that take place in Scotland throughout the year. These are great venues for one to learn more about the different types of food that is so enjoyable in Scotland. They are always very popular and they will create an experience that you will want to talk about when you return home.

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