Scottish Food Trivia

Many that have never visited Scotland figure they pretty well know everything there is about the Scottish cuisine. This is because Scotland is so famous worldwide for several types of food fare such as Haggis, and of course Scottish Shortbread. However, these are only a few of many that the Scots produce with great success. Here is a bit of Trivia when it comes to Scotland and it’s food.

As you may have guess the national dish of Scotland is Haggis. But, what you may not know is that Haggis is not just served on Burns night. It is available in many different forms throughout many of the fine restaurants throughout Scotland.

When you pay a visit to Scotland there will definitely be some foods that you want to try. Not only because of their good taste, but because they may be very difficult to buy somewhere else. There are some foods that have been granted European status. Some of these are Scotch beef and lamb, Scottish wild salmon and Stornoway Black Pudding to name a few.

The best places to really shop for food while in Scotland is at the local farmer’s market and farm shops. There are some great supermarkets, but for some extra special choices these markets and shops are well worth visiting.

Another interesting piece of Scottish trivia is that there are several opportunities to see food actually being made in Scotland. You can see how cheese is made as well as ice cream. You will also get a chance to visit some of the smokehouses to really see the food smoking process.

When you visit the farmer’s market look carefully because on occasion you will get a chance to see some food dishes in the making.

These are just a few bits of trivia that a lot of people are not aware of when it comes to Scottish foods.

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