Must Try Foods in Scotland

When most people think of the food that Scotland is so well known for what comes to mind is Haggis and shortbread. Of course these are two must try when visiting this country but there are plenty of others.

Starting with Breakfast

During your stay in Scotland you will surely want to have breakfast. Scotland is well known for it’s Sunday breakfast offerings which reportedly are supposed to be the cure for all hang overs. That is yet to be proven however. Even so you are going to enjoy the traditional breakfast food fare with is bacon and sausage with eggs. But added to your plate will be a tattie scone along with some mushrooms. That’s not all either because there will be a healthy serving of black pudding and a side of beans. Now if that isn’t enough to keep you full for the day then something is wrong

A Light Lunch

If you didn’t take advantage of breakfast that you may want to try some Lunch. If so then the Cullen Skink comes highly recommended. This is a wonderful blend of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. Now it may not be considered to be really a light lunch as it is a truly hearty bowl of soup that will tantalize your taste buds and leaving your feeling pleasantly full up until dinner time.

Visit the Take Away Chip Shops

Here you will be offered a grand selection of food fare that ranges from steak pies to pizza and of course as the name implies a healthy serving of fish and chips. If you are looking for something really tradition then you can choose the black pudding.

These are just a few of the many must try foods when in Scotland. If you are aren’t sure about some of the foods being offered be sure to ask for information about them.

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