Haggis One of Scotland’s Favorite Foods

While most think that this is only to be savored on Burns night that is a pure myth. Haggis is meant to be enjoyed at any time. Of course you are going to get the best of the best of it if you enjoy it while in Scotland. However, it is a food fare that is exported and can be enjoyed in many other countries.

What Goes into Haggis?

Believe it or not Haggis is classed as savory pudding. It has all kinds of goodies that go into it. It is made with oatmeal, onions and a grand selection of spices. It isn’t so much what goes into Haggis that makes it so unique but what it is actually cooked in. True Haggis is cooked in a sheep’s stomach. Although in many cases today it is cooked in sausage casings which are synthetic. The oatmeal adds body to the dish and it reminds many of what stuffing is like.

Not all Haggis looks the same. It will depend on the amount of the different ingredients that have gone into it. Some may look very light in color, while other versions are so dark it is close to being black.

Haggis is so popular that most who enjoy it will go for any version of it. For example, you can buy haggis flavoured crisps as well as chocolate morsels made from Haggis. If ice cream is your thing, then you can buy Haggis flavoured as well.

Those who are not familiar with Scottish cuisine find it difficult to get past the fact that Haggis is cooked in the stomach of sheep. If one goes back it time they will learn that this was the way that meat was preserved.

Now if you are wondering what side dishes would fare well with Haggis, then any Scot will tell you it has to be turnip and potatoes. Their way of saying it would be tatties and neeps.

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