Fine Dining In Scotland

It doesn’t matter whether you are a visitor or resident of Scotland you will want to take advantage of the fine dining that is so readily available throughout this country. With Edinburgh being one of the highlights of Scotland it is only fitting to talk about some of the amazing restaurants that are found here and have been noted for their culinary excellence.

The Wedgewood

This is one of the many restaurants that deserves mentioning for several reasons. The Scottish Licensed Trade News for the third time awarded this establishment Restaurant of the Year in 2013. On the menu you can expect to find Haggis of course with neeps and tatties ( also known as trunip and potatoes), along with many other choices. Then to top off a delectible meal you may want to opt for the fennel ice cream that will accompany the leek bread pudding.

The Kings Wark

For an atmosphere that will take you back to the 15th century it will mean a visit to the Kings Wark. The menu here is basically a la carte. What you will enjoy is the seasonal tasting menus, which means you will want to eat here at least four times a year taking in each season. If you want a suggestion as to what to order then it would be the steak burger which is nothing less than homemade and is accompanied with smoked applewood cheddar.

The Ship on the Shore

When heading off to Leith don’t miss out on the chance to visit some of the wonderful restaurants that dot the shore here. For those who want a taste of Scotland’s sea foods then this is the restaurant to give it you. You can enjoy the catch of the day or a delectable bowl of seafood chowder.

There are just a few teasers when it comes to the wonderful restaurants throughout Scotland.

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